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Engine exhaust silencers – for all industrial applications

BBM engine exhaust silencers

BBM Acoustic Technology one of the world’s leading suppliers for engine silencers. Our silencers are used in intake and exhaust applications of liquid and gaseous fuel engines. We offer the highest quality acoustically optimised silencers at reasonable prices, anywhere in the world. BBM silencers can be found in number of industries.

BBM scope of supply

We supply an entire range of silencers for diesel and natural gas engines for installations ranging from small to large, as well as all of the necessary accessories. We supply customised intake and exhaust flow silencers for every type of industrial application. Silencers can be designed to fit the shape of any casing (round, rectangular, or oval), using a wide range of materials. Inlets and outlet will be arranged as required by the customer.

BBM spark arrestors

On request, our silencers can be equipped with integrated spark arrestors. These specially developed arrestors – certified by Det Norske Veritas-GL as per NS-EN 1384-1 – feature the following characteristics:

Compact design

Compact design

High separation of particles

High separation of particles

Best solution for maritime and off-shore applications

Best solution for maritime and off-shore applications

Easy cleaning of collection chamber

Easy cleaning of collection chamber

Good flow distribution resulting in low pressure drop

Good flow distribution resulting in low pressure drop

BBM materials

Our specific design reflects:

  • The choice of material in accordance with aero-thermal requirements
  • Extremely robust and thermal load resistant design of internal structures using FEM calculations
  • Special care is taken with the absorbing materials using protective layers between perforated sheets and the absorption material in order to guarantee a long life

Planning, 3-D design, detailed engineering and project management

Almost all projects are represented in a 3-D (CAD) model. The use of such software enables us to verify all  critical elements in order to allow for “tailor-made” detailed engineering.

BBM design and development of silencers

Our expertise is based on research conducted at our in-house test facilities and on extensive field measurements, which support our calculations. All new materials are tested in our own test benches.

Overall concept and cost optimisation

The silencers are designed by competent engineers, using powerful computer programs with multiple optimisation routines. These programs and our long-term experience in the design of industrial silencers make it possible for us to meet the most stringent acoustic requirements.

Acoustic design and calculation

We design silencers with an attenuation range of 10 to 60 dB(A). The silencers can be the absorbing, resonator, or reactive type, and in most cases a combination of these. Acoustic and velocity/pressure drop calculations for each design have to be executed in parallel to get the most optimised result. We also offer space-saving solutions.  Our acoustic designs include optimised solutions for the entire system. BBM Acoustic Technology guarantees the entire system, based on our R&D and site measurements.

BBM design for low-frequency attenuation

BBM Acoustic Technology is a specialist in the development and design for low-frequency silencers. With our expertise and patented solutions, we create silencers with the highest level of attenuation, especially when it comes to very low frequencies and very low pressure drop.

CFD calculations

The silencers are exposed to high temperatures and high velocity turbulent flow.  In-house CFD studies verify the silencer design, taking into consideration flow noise, pressure drop, and mechanical stability. Silencer development requires on-going improvement of the silencer design.

What‘s in it for you?

  • Customised silencers that meet the highest
  • Acoustic requirements
  • Solutions ready for serial production
  • Guaranteed mechanical and acoustic design
  • Optimisation of the silencers’ pressure loss
  • and acoustic requirements taking economic aspects into consideration
  • Access to all the experience of the Müller-BBM Group
  • Acoustic design of the entire system
  • High engineering standards
  • Own factories in order to ensure the high quality and
  • shortest delivery time
  • Fixed prices
  • Structural design, CFD and FEM calculations on request
  • Inspection and documentation of each silencer

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