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Marine Grade Acoustical Equipment for Naval Projects

Acoustic Enclosure

BBM Acoustic Technology has proven experience of fully undertaking the scope for Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply of Complete Pre-Fabricated Modular type of Acoustic Enclosure meeting Global Naval application requirements (for Stealth Ships) including engineering package to mitigate Acoustic Requirements as per En-ISO- 9614 (2) or as per MIL-STD-740-1/2 ABN Measurements & also for Marine Grade compliant from any hazards like shock (as per Grade A ), fire etc.

The Enclosure is of highest value on stable, long-life design, ease in dismantling and has high acoustic effectiveness fully equipped with specially designed close loop cooling & ventilation system, so that inside temp. of the Acoustic Enclosure to be maintained within specified limit of temperature. To cater the System, designed capacity of Sea Water Heat exchanger can be accommodated with required fans to facilitate the ventilation and CO2 Extraction as & when required.

To prevent any accidental hazards like fire, the system is fully equipped with CO2 system comprising of Firefighting alarms, Fire Detection, piping & nozzles to extinguish the fire & shall have all the automatic shut-off fire rated dampers operational control through the LCP of D.G. Set.  Ship Classification Certification can be offered for Acoustic Enclosure upon request.

Infrared Signature Suppression System (IRSS)

BBM has development capacity for the technology which enables the balanced reduction of all Infrared (IR) signature sources on a naval ship. Engine exhaust IR signature suppressors (IRSS) can be supplied for both vertical and side exhaust configurations. BBM can develop & supply complete exhaust systems which includes isolation valves, silencers, drains, seals, a sea water injection (SWI) system, control panel, hull penetration fairings, and ducting. The controller interfaces to the ship machinery control system. The systems are made from material which is highly robust to thermal cycling, vibration, and shock, and can be operated with or without the SWI system activated.

The design and development of IRSS devices involves aero-thermal design calculations, Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis for flow simulation and optimization, scale model studies and prototype testing. IRSS device consists of ejector nozzle, mixing tube and multi ring diffuser. 

Air Intake & Exhaust Silencer

BBM Offers a wide range of Product for both Gas Turbine & Diesel Marine Power Plant, from Individual components such as silencers to complete combustion air Intake and Exhaust System. 

BBM Acoustic Technology has highest potential to supply specially designed Marine Grade Air Intake & Air Exhaust Silencer in compact design to attenuate the noise level at extreme possible generated from Air Intake & Exhaust system for the Warships. Exhaust silencers can be supplied along with Spark Arrestors accredited with GNV-DL as per Naval standards NS-EN-1834-1 along with Shock Grade compliance with catalytic Convertor, if required suitable for the application. 

Shipside Exhaust System

BBM has diversified the Product range developing Shipside Exhaust system being proposed for various upcoming Naval projects. The basic exhaust gas systems designed by BBM are characterised by injection of sea water into the exhaust gas. Seawater is used to cool the exhaust gas, for reducing emission of harmful components to the atmosphere and to increase safety onboard the vessels. Further, as a consequence of cooling the exhaust gas outlet temperature, the volume of the exhaust gas to be handled is considerably reduced, and hence the systems are more compact and lighter when compared to conventional exhaust gas systems. In the military application it also enhances the stealth characteristics of the vessel.

Intake, uptake & Exhaust System

BBM develops and delivers solutions reflecting the combinations of Maritime Tradition, Modern Technology, Superior workmanship and environmental sustainability. BBM shall produce an Air Intake & exhaust system to suit the Shipyard’s requirements. The Air Intake & Exhaust ducting shall be designed in line with Piping Layout Drawing. The System shall comprise of Entire Air Intake & Exhaust Piping, Bellows, Hanger Supports, Shotk Mount as required along with flanges, Hardware & Insulation etc. Our Scope includes Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation & testing of Air Intake and Exhaust System. When requested, exhaust stacks are designed to re-direct hot exhaust gas emissions to atmosphere or a Waste Heat Recovery Steam Generator (WHRSG) while also reducing noise emissions to within a guaranteed level at a set distance. Exhaust stacks are highly variable pieces of equipment and are typically customized/designed on an individual-project based on Technical requirements of each Projects. 

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